DNA Malaga and its festivities

Live Malaga, feel it in all its aspects. Here you will find what is always there in the city and what makes it different. Easter Week, Christmas, Carnival, the Fair, the Film Festival… Come and soak up its idiosyncrasy.

Light, smell, color and Christmas atmosphere to welcome such special dates.

Devotion, passion and culture. A week full of tradition in the streets of Malaga.

Malaga Fair

The best fair in southern Europe is lived with intensity in the streets of Malaga and in the Real.

Its murgas, the tables of the Cervantes or the Burial of the Boquerón. Art and duende that are contagious.

Malaga becomes a gigantic set to host the cream of the national celluloid.


Sun, beach, fun, culture, great food… A guide to make the most of it.

Sun, beach, fun, culture, great food… A guide to make the most of it.

Malaga Festivals

If you like Malaga and want to live it to the fullest there is nothing better than enjoying the festivities in Malaga. Malaga is not only culture, cinema, tradition, sport and leisure, but also has plenty of festivals throughout the year for you to live the city to the fullest.

Malaga is a city full of life and movement. Its inhabitants love to live the city, enjoy it and have fun. That is why at every moment and every party in the city they give everything to make it special and unique.

In this article we want to tell you which are the festivals in Malaga that you can enjoy throughout the year. The good news is that there are fiestas in Malaga in almost every month, so you can plan your visit at any time.

We start the year with carnival

The carnival is lived in Malaga every year with more strength. Within the festivities in Malaga, the carnival attracts the attention of more and more people every day and becomes a meeting point for good vibes and fun.

Of the festivities in Malaga, the carnival has been invading more and more of its streets and is celebrated indoors, but also outdoors. There are murga contests, costume contests, song battles and many more activities for those who enjoy the carnival festivities.

It is usually celebrated in the month of February and although it lasts a week, preparations are already underway throughout the city. You can experience the carnival of Malaga in the center, but also in its neighborhoods.

Spanish Film Festival

This is one of the most awaited celebrations every year by the people of Malaga. It is a week of emotions and in which the city is full of people and glamour. Many celebrities come from different parts of the world to exhibit their films and walk the red carpet.

It is one of the most eagerly awaited and celebrated festivities in Malaga by all those who are able to experience it. For a few days the city is filled with characters from the world of cinema, its streets are full of life and there is plenty of entertainment available to visitors.

This festival usually takes place during the month of April.

Sleepless night

Another Malaga celebration that does not go unnoticed is the noche en blanco. It is a magical night in which many activities take place all over the city. It is a celebration that takes place in May and offers a wide variety of possibilities for people of all ages.

Within the festivities in Malaga is one of the most awaited by the people of Malaga. Numerous institutions of the city join this celebration.


Holy Week in Malaga is another of the great celebrations of the city. The Semana Santa Malaga begins to be celebrated days before the processions, moments in which are made the transfers of the thrones and the rehearsals of the orchestras for the Semana Santa Malaga.

During Holy Week Malaga’s streets are filled with people to venerate their religious figures. It is a week full of passion and emotion. In every corner of the downtown streets you can find balconies where saetas are sung.

St. John's Eve and Malaga Fair

When summer arrives, Malaga is covered in splendor. At this time of the year, two of the most traditional festivities are celebrated in Malaga, where the sun and the heat are the protagonists.

The night of San Juan is one of the Malaga holidays that is celebrated first in summer. In the month of June this festival is organized by the sea. It is a focus of attraction for countless tourists who spend that night enjoying the sand and salt water.

In the month of August, the most emblematic festival of the festivities in Malaga takes place. This is the Malaga Fair. The Malaga Fair is a week-long celebration that fills the city with music and dance.

The Malaga Fair attracts tourists from all over Spain and Europe. Its activities for young and old are always an attraction. In each celebration of the Malaga Fair, some historical element of the city is highlighted.

Verdiales Festival

The verdiales are one of the most traditional Malaga festivals in the city. This is a very traditional festival in which verdiales, the folk music of Malaga, are danced and played.

This Malaga festival is usually held in December in one of the most traditional neighborhoods of the city.

Christmas Malaga

One of the celebrations par excellence within the Malaga festivities is Christmas in Malaga. On this date, the city is filled with lights and Christmas music. All its streets are decorated and the stores offer a wide variety of typical Christmas products from Malaga.

It is a celebration in which the city is decorated. During practically the whole month of December, Christmas in Malaga has a name: Calle Larios. For several years now, Christmas in Malaga has been marked by the illumination and the spectacle of light and color that takes place in this street.

You can not miss visiting Malaga at Christmas, as it offers a wide range of activities and options to do in every corner of the city.

These are some of the most important and striking Malaga parties. A festival is held every month, so if you visit Malaga at any time of the year you will have no problem. You will find activities and leisure proposals to do at any time and to experience the city at its best.

There is a time for every party and for every celebration and in Malaga there are parties for all tastes. It doesn’t matter if you like movies or prefer to spend some time at the beach or enjoy the typical dancing all over the city. On any occasion you can find options to do in Malaga.