Come to Malaguear!

Malaguear is a way of life: ours. Here we tell you in Malagueñas ways what Malaga is like. Come, come in and you will see that we will make you aware of the cultural offerings, we will give you a chiflio of the most beautiful places or we will take you on a tour of the province. Whatever it is, you’ll find it here. Dare!


If you don’t have a plan for today, whether you go alone, as a couple or in a group, in this section of Malaguear we propose an endless number of activities. It’s impossible to get bored in the best city in the world!

Malaga Story for Chaveas

With Pica as the protagonist, our host anchovy, we will discover who were the first to arrive in our lands.

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Mis días de Taró

Hemos vivido en Málaga unos días de taró y no he podido resistirme a echarme a la calle para captar cómo la ciudad quedaba envuelta de nubes.

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Strolling around Malaga

Going for tapas, sitting in a restaurant or enjoying a beach bar? Don’t get confused about where to eat and discover charming, inexpensive or more traditional places. We bring you the secrets of each place so you don’t have to pretend to be a guiri.


To walk around Malaga is to show you corners, smells, tastes and sounds. We want to give you ideas and make plans. We have the best city in the world and we want you to share it with us, to see the city from our eyes. Let’s ride!


«Take a look and do it» all plans, boquerón

Theater Festival… in your area

It has started in this month of January and until February the Theater Festival that travels through the districts of Malaga.

Know the dates of Carnival 2023

Some of the key dates for the Carnival of Malaga in 2023 are already known. Consult them in our post.

The Nao Victoria, in the Port of Málaga

The legendary vessel is on display at Malaga’s Muelle Dos until January 29th.

OXO Museum opens its doors in Malaga

This Thursday, January 26th, the video game museum opens its doors to the general public, although it will open its doors to the general public on Friday, January 27th.

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